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Resorte | Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2015

It all started more or less by 1995 when in the USA a very important movement that proposed a new style after labeled as nu metal (new metal) with such important bands like Rage Against the Machine and Korn was brewing. Meanwhile, in Mexico, a new band called Satellite Spring presents a proposal more with a powerful bass and direct music without lyrics, straight, starting to work hard.

Thus, its 3 members: Tavo, Juan and Carlos “Charal” Sanchez reach their first major achievement: produce a video that would mark what is hits famous anthem: America. The video reached the hands of MTV and began
to have an acceptable rotation. With this, the group was gaining more and more acceptance from the audience, and as for the following year, the band had developed a long list of followers not only nationwaide, performing in Los Angeles twice.


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