Tío Gus

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Tío Gus is a group of Mexican musicians, a Septet Jazz, Funk and HipHop based in Mexico City, formed by Mexican musicians with a record production and more than 8 years of experience, it has slowly been gaining a significant presence in the music scene in Mexico. They have performed in all sorts of festivals ranging from Jazz Festival Mex at the National Arts Centre to the Vive Latino Festival at Foro Sol. The project is mainly manifested through these African American trends, it is combines the improvisation and syncopated own topics full of Groove, supporting vocal singers styles. The fusion of influences that have this project and the level of performance of its members has placed as one exponents of the best this country has.

Pepe Moran: Keyboards
Lari Ruiz Velasco: Electric Guitars
Fer Rúvel: Bass & Voice
Marco Castro: Battery
Alejandro Blumenkron: Voice
Sergio Galván: Saxophone
Carlos López: Trumpet


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