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T'orus | Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2015

The lineup was formed in 2012 as an experimental organ trio paying tribute to songwriters and bands like the power trio liftetime Tony Williams; Hammond guru, Dr. Lonnie Smith or Trio Beyond. The triad became a quintet and, thanks to musical knowledge and the experience of each member, the sound of the group matured to be reflected in the recording of their first album, The self-titled album presented in July 2014.

T’orus consists of:

Eric “El Niño”: MC
Aaron Flores: Guitar
Enrique Nativitas: Battery
Benjamin Garcia: Low
Christian Balderas: Keyboards
Everyone, young musicians from diverse musical and sound visions of freedom areas have a single and continuous participation in the Mexican scene, while inside T’orus explore various contemporary sounds strong and exciting finding topics that encourage improvisation.

Since their first presentations T’orus has called and connected to a diverse audience, thanks to its influence of rock, punk, hip-hop, electronica, pop and jazz, recognizable styles whose alloy captivates viewers own label.

The hip-hop grooves, energetic riffs of hardcore, electronic atmospheres, D & B beats, raps and dizzying solos with much feeling T’orus have been the most important forum of Mexico City, as well as to tour the inside of the Republic.

Free labels, T’ORUS music is a reflection of the diversity in the city. A mixture of sounds that flow through the same channel.


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