Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2016 | Armando Montiel

Armando Montiel

Originally from Mexico City, he has distinguished himself as one of the most complete percussionists and a fundamental part of the popular music in our country. 80% Self-taught, he has achieved in obtaining from the synthesis of his influences an easily identifiable stamp of his own on all the different mediums in which he transits. His style may be the result of the mixing of Afro-Caribbean Jazz, Folk, Rock, Experimental or popular music of his country, in a personal and distinct fusion. Montiel has collaborated with many different artists and projects throughout his career, he has participated in recordings with many of them, and has performed in the most important stages in Mexico and abroad, to name a few artists: Son de Taraf (world music), Hector Infanzón Quarteto (Latin jazz), Sacbe (jazz fusion), Gerardo Batiz Grupo (Latin jazz), Palmera (jazz fusion), Abraham Laboriel (jazz fusion), Nestor Torres (Latin jazz), Wet Paint (jazz fusion), Popo Sánchez y Yasu (Latin jazz), Enrique Neri y BOS (jazz fusion), Larry Coriel (jazz fusion), Joa Enrique (Brazilian jazz), Toussaint-Moran (jazz fusion), Armando Manzanero (pop) Ricardo Arjona (pop), Ana Gabriel (pop), Emmanuel (pop), Cristian Castro (pop), Pandora (pop), Alejandra Avalos (pop), Lucero (pop), Gualberto Castro (bolero), Lila Downs (world music), Tania Libertad (Peruvian music), Betsy Pecannis (blues), Eugenia Leon (pop), Oscar Chaves (Mexican music), La Castañeda (Latin rock), Briseño y La Banda de Guerra (rock), Cecilia Toussaint (rock ), Recuerdos del Son (salsa), Son de Tepoztlan (son), Son de Merengue (merengue), Son Latino (salsa), Son Cuatro (son), Siembra (salsa), Los Rumbosos (salsa), Irvin Lara y su Quemazón (salsa), Ballet Folclórico Banamex (Mexican folk), Los Cóndores (Latin folk), Huanca Huaytas (Latin folk), Grupo Sur (Latin folk), El Condor Pasa (Latin folk), Arpas de México (Latin folk), Danzones con la Filarmónica de la Ciudad de México (Danzon) etc ……. and currently alternating with his projects “La Revoltura”, “Proyecto Pikete”, and Armando Montiel Septeto. In all his presentations he has received an extremely favorable reaction from both the public and the critics, who greatly appreciate his unique creativity, that identified him as an important part of the popular contemporary music which is played in Mexico today. Armando Montiel is sponsored by “TOCA” Percussion, LOCA Percuccion, “Oscar” Cajones & Percusión de Madera , “Sibaro” Hand Made Percussion and Hermes Music Mexico