Riviera Maya Jazz Festival 2016 | Blood Sweat & Tears

Blood Sweat & Tears

When Bobby Colomby assembled the first generation of Blood Sweat & Tears in 1967  he nor anyone else thought that 50 years later BS&T would still be a top touring band. Colomby’s vision of a Jazz/Fusion rock Band with horns and also not afraid to take musical chances would change the music scene forever.  Some of the greatest musicians in the world have passed through BS&T.  10 Grammy nominations winning 3 includingAlbum of the Year beating out the Beatles Abby Road.  50 years of touring is a tribute to Colomby’s vision of Great Musicians equal Great Music.

Colomby also describes the instrumental players chosen for Blood, Sweat & Tears in glowing terms. “This band, man for man, pound for pound, is better than the first version of B, S & T. Without a doubt, they’re a ridiculously talented bunch. The drummer Dylan Elsie is better than I am, or was.”

Strong praise, coming from a musician/producer/manager who knows a winner when he sees it. Colomby’s resume includes initiating significant career achievements for Jaco Pastorious, the Jacksons and Harry Connick Jr among others. As well as his management and production of trumpeter Chris Botti – currently one of America’s most successful instrumentalists and winner of the 2013 Grammy for “Best Instrumental Pop Album.”

Blood Sweat & Tears hires the most talented musicians from around the world. At last count members of BS&T speak a combined total of 9 different languages. Their music accreditations range from Doctorate of Music to just growing up in a family of music Royalty to just working hard to become a music Phnom. Members love to talk with fans after the show near the stage so feel free to approach them with any questions you may have.