Paco Rosas

Born in Mexico D.F., at age 9 he learned to play the guitar; in 1978 he joined the “Palmera” group of Fernando Toussaint to find new horizons in jazz-rock fusion. With the ‘Palmera’ band he performs concerts in places like the Teatro de los Insurgentes. UNAM (Faculty of Architecture), Teatro de la Paz, cultural centers, Teatro A. Peralta, teatro del Chopo and other venues known for this music style.

A year after leaving ‘Palmera’ Paco Rosas performs the first professional recording session, and takes the determination to leave the bands and to become a studio musician. That same year he joined the musical production “Musicastil” specializing in “jingles” for TV. He continued his musical studies with the teacher Jorge Dominguez, with subjects ranging from music theory, rhythmic and metric, traditional and modern harmony, arrangement and orchestration, to the books of William Russo such as: “Arrangement and Orchestration for Jazz Band”, “Harmony in Jazz”, etc.

As a studio musician Rosas begins working with producers such as: Bebu Silvetti, Shell Shapiro, Tino Geiser, Anibal Pastor, Memo Gil, Kiko Campos, Fernando Riva, Marco Flores and many more, thus gaining his position in the recording studio. Also in various productions of Riva and Campos he gets to perform musical arrangements with various artists. He participates in the Festival OTI89 as a composer and arranger, releases countless recordings of “jingles”, TV programs and movies. In 1991 he rejoins the ‘Palmera’ band for three years and they record an album called “Palmera” for BMG. Furthermore at BMG he releases Te vas a acordar de mi” with Ariola and the band ‘TEX-TEX’ and continues with more independent productions. Later comes his participation with the “Casino” group (96-98) and recordings in more than 400 LPs between them the album “Falta Amor” from the band ‘Mana’ which is famous for one of the most memorable guitar solos in the song “Rayando el Sol”.

Artistic accompaniments with:

Dulce (Guitarist and Musical Director).
Luis Miguel.
Flans (Guitarist and Musical Director).
Camilo Sesto.
Eduardo Palomo (Guitarist and Musical Director)
Alejandra Guzman (Guitarist and Musical Director).
Armando Manzanero.
Ragazzi (Guitarist and Musical Director).
Manuel Mijares.
Emmanuel and Mijares Two’r amigos.

He released his first solo track can in early 2000 with the title “Espejazzmo” for M.W. Records.

Ivan Barrera

Ivan Barrera is a bassist, violinist, composer, producer and professional arranger currently residing in the CDMX. Since childhood he studied at prestigious schools of music and took private lessons with renowned teachers. Throughout his career he has shared the stage with world-class musicians in various genres: jazz, fusion, funk and rock. In the field of pop, he has worked as a studio musician or live for Franco De Vita, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Ribie Draco Rosas, Arthur Hanlon, Los Mexicas, Cristian Castro, La Quinta Estación, Alejandra Guzman, Emmanuel, Maria Jose, Susana Zabaleta, Sentidos Opuestos, Ernesto Dalessio, Ragazzi, Guadalupe Pineda, Edith Marquez, Eduardo Capetillo, Victor Victoria, among others, and recently he participated in the tour of Franco De Vita as bassist and musical director.

Producer: Franco De Vita – En Primera Fila

Gilberto Santa Rosa – Live

Arthur Hanlon

Debi Nova – Por Última vez

Luis Aquino – Demasiados Días

In 2011 he released his first solo album titled “Test”. This album includes arrangements of known pieces as well as original compositions in which one can appreciate the diverse musical influences of Ivan.

Jose Aurelio Loyo

PIANIST, COMPOSER, ARRANGER. He studied at the Academia de Música Fermatta, subsidiary in Mexico of Berklee College of Music in the late 90’s. Taking note of and soaking up the experience of fantastic musicians and teachers as Mario Santos, Agustin Bernal, Enrique Nery and the great Eugenio Toussaint, among others. His interest in the Music Business led him to collaboration with Juan Carlos Paz and Puente to perform productions for Warner Music Mexico and working alongside musicians, songwriters, producers and engineers like Leland Sklar, Michael Landau, Diane Warren, Narada Michael Walden, Rafa Sardina, etc. Jose Aurelio Loyo is a member of La Academia Latina de la Grabación (LARAS), responsible for the Latin Grammy for the best of the recorded music in Spanish.
In 2006 he joined the team of the musical “Hoy No me Puedo Levantar” produced by Nacho Cano (Mecano), garnering more than 400 performances in the Teatros Telmex in Mexico City. His career has allowed him to participate in numerous performances for Radio and Television. In 2010 he began his collaboration with Manuel Mijares, and now enjoys the “Twor Friends” tour led by 2 of the best artists that our country has …. Emmanuel and Mijares.

Ivan Nuñez

Ivan Nuñez is a native of Guadalajara and currently lives in Mexico City. Alex Ubago, Manuel Mijares, Emmanuel, Bianca Marroquin, Ivan Barrera Quintet, among others are the artists that Ivan joins in live performances and tours.

Ivan has performed live in Spain, United States, Mexico and Central America, playing major venues like Madison Square Garden in New York, The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, currently he forms part of one of the most important tour in Latin America, with “Twor Amigos”, Emmanuel and Mijares.

Ivan has participated in seminars and master classes taught by great drummers Antonio Sanchez, Henry Cole, Dave Weckl, Horacio el Negro Hernandez, Peter Erskine, among others.

Ivan is sponsored by Tama Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Audix Microphones, Focusrite and Veerkamp Houses.

Sergio Galván (Guest)

He began his musical studies at age of 11 years old with guitar lessons at Yamaha academy, at age 14 he took classes transverse flute with maestro Jaime Turrubiartes and at 18 began with saxophone lessons with Larry Russell. Currently his main instrument is the alto saxophone but also plays the soprano saxophone and flute.

In 1988 he recorded an album with the jazz fusion group FLUGHT and in 1990 traveled to Caracas Venezuela to participate in the jazz festival with the same group. In 1996 he recorded an album with the group Jazz funk CASA DE AGUA, with Diego Maroto, Gabriel González and Francisco Lelo De LaRea.

In 2001 he recorded an album with Omar Aran, Luri Molina, Diego Maroto and Ken Bassman, music from Francisco Tellez (a project funded by the FONCA). In 2006 he recorded an album with Iraida Noriega arranged for Big Band of Mexican themes.

In 2007 he recorded an album with the group Jazz Funk Pangea, they were the host band on tv program called ‘Platicanco con’ –chanel, Proyecto 40-, with Carlos Alazraki.

 In 2010 he recorded an album with Colectivo Zebra, with singer Gabriela Rivera.

Nowdays Hi is a part of the quintet Jazz SOUL BOP, with Joe DeTienne & Hi is member of the group Funk TIO GUS with whom he recorded an album in 2009 and still active playing at various festivals, played at the VIVE LATINO in March 2013 and Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in November 2015 alternating with Zawinul Legacy Band and Gino Vannelli, also played in the Lunario in February 2016 alternating with Fiusha Funk Band. It has been part of the ZINCO BIG BAND since 2013 where he is the first alto saxophone. He is a member of the IAJE (International Asociation of Jazz Educators) since 1995 and attended 3 of its convention in Boston, San Antonio and New Orleans, where he has had the opportunity to take clinics with renowned jazz musicians such as Ernie Watts, Jim Snidero, Bunky Green, Steve Coleman and many more. In the field of Pop music He has accompanied singers like Thalia, Alejandra Guzmán, Sentidos Opuestos, Christian Castro, Francisco Céspedes, Lupita D’Alessio and Manuel Mijares.